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A guard tour system is an essential tool which enables to monitor if people assigned to a tour patrol task are completing their duties on time and at their correct location. In summary the system makes it possible to know when the patrols were made.

  Stands up to man and nature - DURABLE CONSTRUCTION
Like the data recorders, the checkpoint stations boast and extremely durable construction. Unlike other "button" systems, these will withstand rough usage. And they won't fade in the sun or fail in the rain like those "barcode" systems. Even if its surface has been vandalized, the stations will still be able to function.
  Works well anywhere - SMART DESIGN

The checkpoint stations' compact size and design make them aesthetically pleasing and non-intrusive. Feel free to mount them anywhere throughout your facility, using the provided tamper-resistant screws and tool. And if you want like the checkpoint stations' natural off-white colour to match your interior decor, go ahead and paint them - they'll still work!

  Customize your information - TOUR REPORTS: EXCEPTION, INCIDENT & SUMMARY

A summary report displays an overview of the tour information based on particular sequences User-friendly software lets you customize your offices' tour information.

  Durable metal case that resists drops, and water proof.  
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  Durable metal case with ABS covering that resists drop, and proof.  
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  Electronic chip stored in the stainless steel case that is water resistant.  
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