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      VIRDI 430FP


It is convenient to use as it does not require users to carry special tools for verification. It is a high-tech fingerprint recognition system that uses fingerprints that have no risk of replication or unauthorized use.
It is designed to be safe from static electricity and electric shock.
It can register up to 100 users (basic 30 users) and can be used for multiple users.
The device operates using fingerprint, password, or emergency key and enables various methods of access.
When battery is completely used up, an outside power terminal is used to supply power.
When battery needs to be exchanged or entry door is not completely shut, the device gives warning signal.
When the door is not opened within 10 seconds from user authentication, it is automatically locked again to prevent mistaken authorization.
The colored LEP on keypad enables easy viewing at night and makes the device look better for the users.
Internal open/close buttons cannot be accessed through milk or newspaper openings.
When device cannot be operated, emergency key can be used to grant access.
The device can be easily converted from hope mode to office mode for administrators.
Able to select automatic lock feature after entering to make it easy to use when moving in or granting access to relatives who are not registered.
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